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Checkmarx now offers CxOSA-WS for customers that need security and open source management that also covers non-security features. CxOSA-WS includes CxOSA and WhiteSource side-by-side.

To register to WhiteSource through CxOSA:

Install/upgrade your CxSAST application to v8.4.1 - v8.8.0 (versions for 8.9.0 and up are not supported).


Before activating CxOSA-WS a valid CxOSA license is required with at least one open source analysis performed.

Download the WS zip from Checkmarx Utilities.


For CxSAST applications prior to v8.4.2, download the CxWhiteSourceRegistration zip from Checkmarx Utilities.

For CxSAST applications between v8.4.2 and v8.5.0, download the WS zip from Checkmarx Utilities.

Extract and open the CxOSA-WS utility. The CxOSA-WS Registration screen is displayed.

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Add your Organization Name and User Email into the appropriate fields and click Register.

Once the CxOSA-WS account registered successfully message is displayed, click OK.

  • If you already have an account with WhiteSource, continue to the Logging into your WhiteSource Account section.
  • If you don’t have an account with WhiteSource, you will receive an email instructing you to create a new account. Clicking on the Create Account link will take you to the Create a New WhiteSource Account page.


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