CxOSA License Details

Click Management > Application Settings > select License Details. The License Details screen enables you to view CxOSA license details for the system. The General panel provides license information for CxSAST and CxOSA.

The General panel includes the following information:

  • Edition - License type (SDLC or Security Gate)
  • Expiration Date - License expiry date
  • LOC - The number of lines of code included in the license (CxSAST only)
  • HID - Hardware identification number
  • CxOSA License - CxOSA license status; Enabled, Disabled or Conditional (with expiration date for Conditional version).
You can copy the hardware ID (HID), for which you will need in order to obtain a license from Checkmarx. You can also obtain your hardware ID by using the shortcut in the Windows/Start > Checkmarx > HID (HardwareId).

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