CxOSA Quick Start

The Quick Start takes you through the main steps for setting up a CxSAST project, executing your first CxOSA scan, viewing the scan results and generating a CxOSA report.

Setup Project & Execute CxOSA Scan

Step 1: Create and Configure a Project

For more information about the CxOSA scan results, refer to Getting to Know the CxOSA Viewer.

Step 2: Generate CxOSA Scan Report

Click the Open Report icon and generate a CxOSA Report. The CxOSA report is divided into the following areas of interest; Security Summary, Security Vulnerabilities, License Risk and Compliance, Outdated Libraries, High-Medium Risk Licenses, Policy Violations and Inventory Libraries.

For more information about the CxOSA scan report generation, refer to Generating a CxOSA Scan Results Report.

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