Checkmarx SCA Resources

This page provides resources that can be downloaded and used for SCA Resolver configuration. For an explanation of how to install and configure these queries see Documentation.

The same resources can also be used for SCA Agent, although we no longer support this tool.

Exploitable Path Queries in ZIP Archive

The zip archives for the following Custom Queries:

  • (4KB)

  • (6KB)

  • (5KB)

  • CSharp_Exploitable_Path (BETA) (3KB)

  • (5KB)

  • (6KB)

  • (5KB)

  • CSharp_Exploitable_Path (BETA) (3KB)

  • (5KB)

Exploitable Path Queries in XML Format

You can download the following Custom Queries in .xml format:

  • Java QueriesC#6

  • Python QueriesC#6

  • JavaScript QueriesC#6

  • CSharp QueriesC#6 (BETA)


  • Java QueriesC#7

  • Python QueriesC#7

  • JavaScript QueriesC#7

  • CSharp QueriesC#7 (BETA)



Documentation for BETA Features

This portal provides documentation in PDF format for features that are currently available only for internal use and/or BETA customers.

Private Packages


New Management of Risk API

Management of Packages API