Changing SAML User Teams and Roles in the CxSAST (up to v8.9.0)

If the IdP Authentication method is used, SAML users' will be defined according to their predefined attributes in the SAML IdP. This means that the team and the role are setup automatically in CxSAST according to the definitions in the SAML IdP and this step is not required. 

If the Manual Authentication method is used (default), SAML users' will be defined upon login according to the default settings in CxSAST (either a scanner or reviewer). You can, if required, change a logged in user’s Team and Role from the User Management.

When SAML is enabled, SAML users do not need to be added manually by the Cx admin; they are able to automatically log in once the SAML login is available and attributed to the roles as per this page.

To change a SAML User’s Team and Role in the CxSAST:

Go to Users & Teams > Organization > User Management. The User Management screen is displayed.

Once logged in to CxSAST, all SAML users are shown in the User Management screen with ‘SAML\’ preceding their User Name (e.g. SAML\

Select a SAML User from the User List and click Edit.

Update the Team and Role accordingly and then click Update to confirm the change.