Setting Up Management and Orchestration (v9.0.0 and up)

Before installing Management and Orchestration, make sure that your server host complies with the host requirements, and that you have properly prepared the installation environment.

Reinstalling CxSAST with an Already Existing Management and Orchestration Database - If attempting to install CxSAST with Management and Orchestration and connect to an existing Management and Orchestration database, the subsequent ETL database synchronization will fail, due to a limitation in Management and Orchestration. Therefore, in order to reinstall CxSAST with Management and Orchestration, either delete the existing Management and Orchestration database before reinstalling, or reinstall with a new Management and Orchestration database.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

The following prerequisites and recommendations are required:

  • Checkmarx CxSAST (v9.0.0 and above) installed.
  • Administrative network permissions (user name and password) for the computer/server running the CxSAST Services.
  • Same SQL user permissions as defined for CxSAST.
  • Example:
    • Management and Orchestration Installation
      • CxSAST Database – db_ddladmin (database level role)
      • CxAnalytics Database – dbcreator (server level role)
    • Management and Orchestration Usage
      • CxSAST Database – db_datawriter, db_datareader (database level roles)
      • CxAnalytics Database – db_datawriter, db_datareader (database level roles)
  • SQL Browser Service‘SQL Server Browser’ Windows service must be enabled and running on the SQL Server machine in order for Management and Orchestration to be able to connect.
  • Full computer domain name should be inserted without underscores.
  • Firewall disabled.


  • High Availability does not support M&O.
  • Management and Orchestration only supports Windows authentication if the machine in which Management and Orchestration is installed is part of a Windows domain.
  • Management and Orchestration does not support High Availability environments.
  • Management and Orchestration capability is only available for SDLC license and not part of the Security Gate license.
  • For distributed environments, the Management and Orchestration should be installed on the CxSAST Manager Server.

Management and Orchestration Installation Package

Conventionally Management and Orchestration should be installed on the machine specified as the CxSAST Management Server.

  • Download the CxSAST installation package.