Management and Orchestration


Checkmarx Management and Orchestration is an application security risk management solution for development and application security managers. Using Management and Orchestration, users gain a holistic view of security risks across their application portfolio. Management and Orchestration provides a centralized management console to define unified AppSec policies for custom/proprietary code and open source components, track key trends and KPIs, and drive decisions across the organization based on actionable data. Analytics, Policy Management and Remediation Intelligence are the three main capabilities of Management and Orchestration.

Analytics provides users with the ability to track the security status of their applications across the organization, analyze the data provided to help make better business decisions therefore also providing the ability to share those insights with the relevant decision makers in the organization. Analytics is based on our REST API using OData for Analytics results. These APIs provide organizations with the capability to build custom dashboards as well as integrate into existing BI tools in the organization.

Policy Management provides a centralized management console to define unified AppSec policies for custom code and open source components. Policy Management allows AppSec managers to define rules that serve to implement compliance, and against which violations occur. Policy Management also includes a REST-based Policy Management API.

Remediation Intelligence provides vulnerability finding results correlated from cross-platform scans that are prioritized according to customer preferences. Remediation Intelligence helps to optimize the remediation effort by indicating what to review and re-mediate as a first priority. Remediation Intelligence also includes a REST-based Remediation Intelligence API. 

Future releases will integrate CxIAST results.