Setting Up the Visual Studio Plugin (v8.4.1 to v8.9.0)

Prior to an upgrade, it is required that any previous versions of the CxSAST Visual Studio Plugin be uninstalled using the Windows' Program and Features Add/Remove control panel feature.

To install and configure the CxSAST Visual Studio Plugin:

Shutdown the Microsoft Visual Studio application.

Navigate to and download the CxSAST Visual Studio Plugin zip archive.

Open the zip archive and double-click on the included .vsix file to launch the VS Plugin installer

Confirm any security warnings and go through the installation wizard. Make sure to select the relevant Visual Studio version or versions.

When installation is complete, start Visual Studio and go to Tools > Options > CxViewer > Authentication (VS version dependent):


Type the path to the CxSAST server in the Server field (e.g. http://<server_name>).

Select the "SAML" option if the SAML single sign-on feature is enabled.

The SAML Single Sign-In option won’t be available unless SAML is enabled in CxSAST (see SAML Management in CxSAST).

Add your CxSAST user credentials or select the "Use Current User" option if the SSO feature is active.

Click Apply and click Test Connection to verify successful connection to server.

Click OK.

If you need to remove the plugin, you must unbind all projects and then follow the directions at to uninstall the Checkmarx plugin.

To validate the expected version of the CxViewer plugin, navigate to Tools > Features and Extensions ("Tools > Extensions and Updates" in VS 2012) and note the "Version:x.y" that corresponds with the required CxSAST product.