Creating and Managing Projects

A CxSAST project defines the source to be scanned, scan scheduling, and notification settings. Normally, a CxSAST project should correspond to a software development project, or to part of one. Any time a scan is run (manually or scheduled), the scan results remain associated with the CxSAST project.

For Continuous Integration development methodology, if a new branch is created for each iteration, update the code location within the existing project (rather than creating a new project) so that all the results will reside within a single project. Scanning of projects that include multiple code languages is supported. To enable this feature, please contact Checkmarx professional services.

Open Source Analysis (CxOSA) can be added to an existing CxSAST project in cases where open source components are used as part of the development effort. When CxOSA is activated, CxSAST sends the open source fingerprint (SHA-1 hash plus file extension) to the CxOSA service. Using this fingerprint, the CxOSA service maps the open source libraries, identifies any vulnerabilities, analyses license risk and compliance, builds inventory and detects outdated libraries. A comprehensive report can be generated from the Consolidated Project State.

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