Getting a Report

Once a scan result report has been generated and the report is ready, the API client can retrieve the report's content.

CxSDKWebService.GetScanReport Method

public CxWSResponseScanResults GetScanReport(
   string SessionID,
   long ReportID


Return Value

CxWSResponseScanResults, including:

  • .ScanResults (byte array): The report content is the last scan log as file XML to download.
  • .containsAllResults (boolean): true if report content hasn't been cut (due to configured maximal report size).


To get the contents of a report with a known ID of 200:

internal void Main(string [] args)
   String sessionID = args[0];
   CxSDKWebServiceSoapClient cxSDKProxy = new CxSDKWebServiceSoapClient();            
   long repotID = 200;
   //ask for results of report with id 200
   CxWSResponseScanResults response = cxSDKProxy.GetScanReport(sessionID, repotID);
   //get the report content as byte array
   ReportContent = response.ScanResults;
   //check if report content contains all scan results
   ContainAllResults = response.containsAllResults;

SOAP to REST Mapping

This section covers SOAP to REST migration and mapping of our legacy SOAP based SDK to the new REST APIs. It is recommended to use this reference only once CxSAST V8.8.0 is installed.


GET /reports/sastScan/{Id}

Get the specific report once generated.

For more mapping information, refer to API Mapping (SOAP to REST). You can also find a summary of our REST APIs here.