Update LDAP Server - PUT /LDAPServers/{id}

Update LDAP Server details according to LDAP Server Id.

The ‘Manage Authentication Providers’ permission is required to execute this API.


  1. GET /LDAPServers/{id} and get details of an LDAP Server
  2. POST /LDAPServers/TestConnection and test LDAP Server connection
  3. PUT /LDAPServers/{id} and update LDAP Server details





Media Type (header):

Authorization: Bearer <access token value>
Content-Type: application/json;v=1.0



id=[integer] - Unique Id of the LDAP Server. LDAP Server Id (id) is retrieved using the LDAP Servers API.

updateLdapServerModel=[body]: Specifies the LDAP Server details to update
password=[string] - Password of the binding user
active=[boolean] - Whether this LDAP Server setting is active (true/false)
name=[string] - Ldap Server display name in Checkmarx
host=[string] - LDAP Server host name
port=[integer] - LDAP Server Port
username=[string] - Username of the binding user
useSsl=[boolean] - Whether to use SSL when connecting to this LDAP Server (false/true)
verifySslCertificate=[boolean] - Whether to verify SSL certificate (false/true)
baseDn=[string] - LDAP Server base DN
additionalUserDn=[string] - Additional user DN. This will limits users search to specified DN.
userObjectFilter=[string] - User object filter
userObjectClass=[string] - User object class
usernameAttribute=[string] - User name attribute
firstNameAttribute=[string - First name attribute
lastNameAttribute=[string] - Last name attribute
emailAttribute=[string] - Email attribute
ldapDirectoryType=[string] - Directory type. Possible values are CustomLDAPServer, ActiveDirectory, OpenLDAP.
ssoEnabled=[boolean] - Whether SSO is enabled for this LDAP Server (true/false)
synchronizationEnabled=[boolean] - Whether synchronization is enabled for this LDAP Server (false/true)
defaultTeamId=[integer] - Default team Id
defaultRoleId=[integer] - Default role Id

defaultTeamEnabled=[boolean] – Whether to enable default team(false/true)

defaultRoleEnabled=[boolean] – Whether to enable default role(false/true)

updateTeamAndRoleUponLoginEnabled=[boolean] - Whether to update user’s role and team upon login (true/false)
periodicalSynchronizationEnabled=[boolean] - Whether to enable periodical synchronization (true/false)
advancedTeamAndRoleMappingEnabled=[boolean] - Whether to enable advanced team and role mapping (false/true)
additionalGroupDn=[string] - Additional group Dn. This will limit groups search to specified DN.
groupObjectClass=[string] - Group object class
groupObjectFilter=[string] - Group object filter
groupNameAttribute=[string] - Group name attribute
groupMembersAttribute=[string] - Group members attribute
userMembershipAttribute=[string] - User membership attribute

Success Response:

Code: 204 Success

Error Response:

Code: 400 Bad Request
Code: 401 Unauthorized
Code: 403 Forbidden
Code: 404 Not found

Sample Response:

no content


Updates an LDAP Server according to the LDAP Server Id and the defined parameters. Once the request is successful, it does not return any content. If the request fails, it returns an error response.

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