Test SMTP Connection – POST /SMTPSettings/testconnection

Test SMTP connection.

The ‘Manage System Settings’ permission is required to execute this API.


  1. POST /SMTPSettings and create new SMTP settings
  2. POST /SMTPSettings/testconnection and test SMTP connection





Media Type (header):

Authorization: Bearer <access token value>
Content-Type: application/json;v=1.0


testConnectionModel=[body]: Specifies the SMTP settings to test
receiverEmail=[string] - To field when receiving emails
password=[string] – Senders password
host=[string] - SMTP Server host
port=[integer] - port for sending emails
encryptionType=[string] - SMTP encryption type (SSL,TLS or None)
fromAddress=[string] - From field when sending emails
useDefaultCredentials=[string] – Whether SMTP communication is done via SSL (true/false)
username=[string] - Senders user name

Success Response:

Code: 200 Success

Error Response:

Code: 400 Bad Request
Code: 401 Unauthorized
Code: 403 Forbidden
Code: 404 Not Found

Sample Response:

no content


Tests the SMTP connection. If the request fails, it returns an error response.

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