Setting up and Configuring the CxSAST Bamboo Plugin

Before installing the CxSAST Bamboo plugin, the following prerequisites are required:

Atlassian Bamboo

Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin supports remote agent configurations. For additional information and instructions, refer to /wiki/spaces/SD/pages/127859917.

To install and setup the Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin:

 1. Navigate to the Atlassian Marketplace.


 2. Search  for the Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin. The Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin appears as search result.


If the Checkmarx page is unavailable, please contact our customer support for the available plugin.

 3. Click Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin . The Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin page appears.


 4. Click  to log in to the Atlassian Marketplace with your Atlassian account credentials as an Administrator. If your initials or avatar appear instead , you are already logged in.

 5. Click   to download the installation file  checkmarx-bamboo-plugin-<version>.jar.

 6. Log into Atlassian Bamboo as an Administrator. To do so, enter the Base Bamboo URL in the address line of your browser. The Build Dashboard screen is displayed.


 7. Click  and select Manage Apps. The Bamboo Administration window appears.


 8. Click Upload app, navigate to the Checkmarx Bamboo Plugin checkmarx-bamboo-plugin-<version>.jar) in your local directory and click <Upload>.


    A message appears to indicate that the plugin has been successfully installed.