Managing Query Presets

Presets are sets of queries that you can select when Creating and Configuring a CxSAST Project to be used when scanning. Predefined presets are provided, and you can configure your own. You can also import and export presets.

To create a new Preset:

Go to Management > Scan Settings > Preset Manager, and click Create New Preset:

Type a preset Name and click OK.

Select a code language.

Select queries to be included in the preset.

Click Save.

To export a preset:

Go to Management > Scan Settings, and select the preset to be exported.

Click Export Preset.

Save the exported XML file.

To import a preset:

Go to Management > Scan Settings, and click Import Preset.

Choose the preset XML file to be imported.

If the imported preset includes a query that has the same name as an existing one, the existing query will be overridden.

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