Managing Projects and Running Scans

Scan List/Actions

In Projects & Scans > Projects, various scans and action lists are available  (see Creating and Configuring Projects).

Scan ListDisplays the project in the individual project path, e.g. Projects & Scans/View Project Scans/My Java Projects.
Full ScanA scan of the whole project. If the project is configured for a local location, this will require uploading a zip file with the updated source code.

Incremental Scan

Incremental scan is used to increase the scanning speed of the project. It works by scanning only the code that has changed since the last full scan was performed. During the incremental scan, the system takes each file that was sent to be incrementally scanned and creates a hash of it’s code. It then compares the value of the hash with the value of the hash of the files with the same name that was scanned on the last full scan.

Duplicate Project

Creates a new project based on the settings of the existing one and also copies the following set of properties::

  • Preset
  • Team
  • Exclusions
  • Scheduling
  • Advanced Actions (email notifications on pre-scan, post-scan and scan failure).
Branch Project

Similar to copying a project, except that it copies the following set of properties:

  • Preset
  • Team
  • Last scan from the source project with all results and remarks.


See also: Viewing Results from All Scans